consultancy - fees
All prices are inclusive of VAT.
The consultancy takes place after agreement.
The appointments are agreed upon individually.

Every appointment will be prepared meticulously and we don’t assume liability for the acquired information.

Consultancy Fee
The fees for the respective services are to be paid in advance per bank transfer or in cash.
Gift vouchers are to be paid per bank transfer in advance after receipt of invoice.

Cancellation Policy
The following cancellation conditions are to be respected:
If an appointment is cancelled less than 24 hours before the appointment, 90% of the stipulated fee will paid by the client.
The cancellation of an agreed “Shopping-Weekend” by the client is free up to 1 week before arrival.

Appointment Cancellation
In case of illness, force majeure or other unforeseen circumstances, Anna Oberhauser reserves the right to cancel an appointment, without liability.
The client will be informed immediatly about cancellations or necessary organisational changes.
In case of cancellation, payments already received, will be refunded in full.
There is no entitlement to refund of travel costs or other costs incurred by the client.
No liability for collateral damages.
Links to this website are allowed if its independent presentation will be preserved and subject to prior written approval by Anna Oberhauser.
Personal data will be processed and saved in accordance with the data protection act.
Privacy will be maintained in relation to any personal details about the client.
No liability for loss or damage of person or objects during the course of appointments and “shoppingweekends”.
The contents of this website are updated continually.
The proprietor accepts no liability for the accuracy of the information provided and accepts no liability for information furnished by third parties through outside links.
Place of fullfilment of payments is Vienna.
Jurisdiction is Vienna.
Austrian Law is applied.
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